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Igniteopedia is a groundbreaking platform where people can share their

Ignite Moments and connect with others in a profound way that will Ignite and inspire.

“Your story does not define you, instead it refines you.”

~ JB Owen

Igniting Humanity One

Ignite Moment at a Time

Since the beginning of humanity, we have connected with each other through stories. Stories have the ability to teach, inspire, and empower one another, all while exploring and sharing that special spark that makes us so unique.

That spark of real human connection is what we seek to cultivate. Through genuine stories of people from every corner of the globe, we want to connect humanity and empower one another, one story at a time. Join us as we lead the way for all people from all nations to come together like they never have before, using the one common denominator every person has a story.

In a fractured and disconnected world, stories unite us, connect us, and remind us that we are not alone; others have walked the same path.

Our mission is for every person on the planet to share their story— their Ignite Moment— and find an Ignited community of people just like them.

We ignite humanity together through sharing personal and heartfelt Ignite Moments.

An Ignite Moment is that pivotal, eye-opening realization you experience in your life that sets you on a brand new path towards transformation. It can come to you through a challenge or hardship, a new experience for growth, or an unexpected change in your life’s direction. It can be one of the darkest moments of your life or it can be filled with inspiration, joy, and beauty.

Ignite Moments are essential to how we grow and evolve as individuals. They allow us to become better versions of ourselves, lead a life of success and joy, and teach us that possibilities are everywhere, we just have to reach out and grasp them. Your Ignite Moment is where you are truly seen for who you are and connects you with other authentic people just like you.

Imagine a world where we all shared our Ignite Moment, to be seen, heard, and recognized. Envision a world where every person on the planet could write their Ignite Moment and transform, empower, and uplift the life of someone else. Your Ignite Moment is profoundly influential, awe-inspiring, and an authentic way to connect and relate to those like you.


At Ignite, we recogize the power of those life altering moments that awaken us and become the foundation of possibilities for both ourselves and others.

Since 2019, Ignite has been publishing Ignite Moments from individuals around the globe in their 19 highly-acclaimed compilation books. Those stories have changed the lives of millions of people and still counting. With such success and global impact, we realize Ignite Moments have the power to Ignite Humanity for every person on the planet.

Igniteopedia is how we can all come together and use storytelling to change the course of humanity and create a new space for connection, understanding, and open hearts. Stories are at the core of humanity, join us as we celebrate each and every one of them.

Ask yourself: how much closer would we all be if every person on the planet had a platform to tell their powerful, life-changing Ignite Moment?

Our mission is to Ignite 7 billion lives by creating a platform where 7 billion Ignite Moments are shared. Igniteopedia is how we’re doing it.

Igniteopedia Can Bring

the World Together

Igniteopedia is an online home for humanity to come together. Here, storytellers can join and share their Ignite Moment with others. By uploading their true and powerful Ignite Moments, users of Igniteopedia will join a global community of people who want to connect and create authentic friendships with those who have experienced similar moments. Igniteopedia is the place where humanity can come together as one and find another person, a tribe, a community that sees, feels, and deeply understands each other.

When we can create an environment for people to share their heartfelt stories, we can Ignite every person and form bonds between those who are making a lasting impact. Igniteopedia, at its core, is our way of connecting and Igniting humanity, one person, one story at a time.

Find Your Authentic

When you share your Ignite Moment on Igniteopedia, you join a global database of powerful storytelling and connection. Through our database, you’ll be able to find stories like yours and people who have been through the same things you have. These people are your Authentics: the people who, even across oceans and continents, understand one of the most central pieces of who you are. They are the ones who can relate to the challenges you’ve faced and the triumphs you’ve earned.

Igniteopedia makes it easy to find and connect with your Authentic. When you share your story, you open yourself up to finding your people, the ones who know and value the deepest parts of your heart.

It’s All About Authentic Connection

Igniteopedia will be a place in our future that fosters what we call an authentic universe: a place for humanity to be real and genuine, and find others with the same desire to be authentic and sincere. It starts with connecting with one another. When we see how we can come together united under a powerful purpose of connection, compassion, and positive change, the possibility of Igniting Humanity becomes not only clear but necessary. What might seem like a small moment of change can become a story that inspires countless others.

Move the needle forward on humanity by paving a way forward that is full of authentic,

connection-forging storytelling. Share who you are and see who you could become

through the Ignite Moments others have experienced.

We invite you to join Igniteopedia and share your story. The world needs more change-makers, storytellers, and heart-centered people like you.


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